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Career Development Resources

Below are some resources that may be of interest to the general public as well as career practitioners alike. 

* Please note that NYSCDA is not personally or professionally affiliated with any of the below organizations, with the exception of the National Career Development Association. Thank you. 

Career Development Resources

Career Development Resources

NY - Based FCD Trainers 

New York State has several FCD trainers. If you are considering pursuing the FCD credential, please review their offerings! 

Malka Edelman

 FCD Training - taught by most seasoned trainer of 22+ years - ALWAYS flexible start dates and always taught as hybrid: online and weekly skyping sessions.

Delivered international training with learners from China, Central America, Middle East, Europe and of course, throughout the United States 

(516) 384-7646

[email protected]

Credentials: CCC, NCC, CRC, LMHC, CCSP